What is Life QI?

Understand what Life QI is some of the starting points for what you can do with it

Life QI is a web software platform built to support and manage quality improvement work in health and social care. It makes it easy for teams to run QI projects and organisations to report on QI activity. Its everything you need to run your project in one place.

The platform enables frontline staff to easily run improvement projects, allows central QI teams to coordinate the portfolio of work and provides senior execs the targeted information they need to make crucial decisions.

Life QI brings people and projects together by giving users access anywhere there is an internet connection. Fast and simple QI on the go!

How it works:

Teams can effortlessly create Driver Diagrams, conduct PDSA cycles, and visualise the results on SPC charts. The Model for Improvement tools are seamlessly integrated to provide a platform tailored to running quality improvement projects.

Roles and Responsibilities:

There are different levels of roles and responsibilities within Life QI, all with differing levels of permission to access charts, data and sensitive project information.

A Life QI project will be made up of the following people:

  • User(s) - Users will own their project and have the ability to add members, control the overall permission levels and verify members who want to take part in their project. As a lead user, you will have the option to be able to view, edit and be the admin for your projects.
  • Member(s) - Members will work with the lead user to facilitate, review and discuss the projects through the discussion board. Members can have different permissions (view, edit, admin) depending on the level of the rights given by the lead user or admin of the project.
  • Admin(s) - Administrators manage their users and control and requests from members and organisations. For large organisations we recommend that there are a few administrators to ensure that the projects aren't held up for any reason
  • Organisation(s) - Each user who is signed up to the platform will be part of an overarching organisation (i.e. NHS trust) It is important that other users can see which organisation users are aligned too, not just for collaborative working within teams, but to enable wider joined up working and best practice learning from organisations in other parts of the country.

Organisations on the platform can:

  • Set a profile image for your organisation
  • Set up priorities and link these to projects
  • Adding support team contact details
  • Organising/categorising projects: groups, naming conventions, priorities
  • Add "tags" to projects

Life QI has been designed to support and encourage collaboration and team working

  • Project(s) - Each project will have a dedicated team (or maybe just 1 or 2 people) within in it who will be working on the aims and objectives of the project. Each project (s) will vary hugely for each user and organisation
  • Programme(s) - As many QI projects are part of larger organisational, regional or national initiatives, Life QI enables you to link multiple projects together under one over-arching programme through the 'Programmes' feature. This makes collaborating across organisations, hospitals and regions easy.
  • Group(s) - To facilitate team working it is possible to create Groups, which are collections of users, organisations and other groups, and then add a group to your project, programme, discussion, analytics dashboard etc. This makes it easy to bring large numbers of users together to collaborate on a project or discussion for example
  • Discussion(s) - Discussions are a great way of collaborating with team members, your organisation, and the wider Life QI community. You can create discussions on any subject you want and invite who you want