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Linked organisations/groups

You can link organisations and groups

What are linked organisations?

Not every organisation has its own Admin users. In some cases Admin users from another organisation perform the admin tasks on your projects and groups. This may be the case if Life QI is being provided to your organisation by someone else, perhaps as part of a regional or national initiative. In this scenario the user and organisation admin tasks are carried out by Admin users at your Admin organisation.

This Admin organisation is known as a 'linked organisation'.

To allow this to work, and so that you can see who your linked organisation is (if you have one), your admin organisation will show as being linked to your organisation wherever your organisation is listed on a project, group, programme, etc.

This means every time your organisation is added to something, e.g. a project, your linked Admin organisation will also be added. They will appear slightly smaller in the list and underneath the organisation that was invited with a clear label of ‘Linked organisation’.

This provides transparency over admin and reporting structures. Allows you to see which (if any) organisations can help administer your project.

Linking an organisation/group

When you create a new organisation/group you can set your own organisation/group to be listed as linked. To do this:

  1. Click the Members panel on the right
  2. Click 'Invite new members+' button on the organisation/group.
  3. In the popup, search for and click the organisation's/groups name.
  4. At the bottom of the pop up that appears, in the Link this organisation?section, click the field to turn the "No, don't link" to a "Yes, link this organisation".
  5. Click Invite

Linking an organisation

Linked groups

This also applies to Groups - you can link one group to another group so that a group can perform the Admin tasks for another group. You can even link an organisation to a group so the Admin users from the organisation can carry out the admin tasks for the group. The process for doing this works in the same way as described above for linking organisations.