Requesting and giving access to your data

Admins can request and give access to your data

Requesting data from another organisation:

Any organisation Admin user can request data from another organisation when creating a Dataset for an Analytics dashboard.

When access to data is requested, the 'organisation source' will appear on the Dataset as pending until the requested organisation has either accepted or declined. The data will only be shared once the request is accepted.

Giving access to your organisation's data:

An email notification is sent to the organisation Admin user(s) which will indicate what organisation is asking for the data, the specific information they require and the reason they are asking for it.

The email will have an 'Accept' or 'Decline' option available. Clicking on either option will take you through to Life QI where you can confirm your response.

If you accept the request then you are confirming you are happy to share this data outside of your organisation.

The requesting organisation can only get access to more data if they send another request.