Creating a Programme

Create a programme to help with collaborating across organisations

Watch the tutorial video or follow the step-by-step instructions below:


You can link multiple projects together under one over-arching programme using the Programmes feature.

To create a new programme:

  1. Click on Programmes on the left hand side navigation bar
  2. Click on 'Start a new Programme'
  3. Create a title (this is a mandatory field)
  4. Create an aim statement for the programme
  5. Add members to your programme (these will be the core programme admin team)
  6. Choose privacy of Programme - 'only members can view' or 'everyone can view'
  7. Select start and end date
  8. Click 'Create Programme'

You will then be taken through to your 'Programme General Page' which begins to set out the structure of your programme. You will clearly see the next steps to complete.

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