Contacting the Life QI support team

Email information for logging in and technical questions

If you require assitance we have in depth and step by step help articles on our help page covering all elements of the system. Life QI Help Articles can be found at

If you can not find the answer on our help articles you can contact the Life QI support team on You can also contact the team through the live chat functionality, click on icon shown below within the system to access;

Our team is on hand to answer any technical questions and issues regarding the platform, for example, difficulties logging in, possible bugs in the system, error pages, etc.

Key information to include in an enquiry are:

  • Name of the user(s) experiencing the problem.
  • The name of the project and/or Project ID.
  • The browser that is being used.
  • What the problem is, and how it was encountered – a step by step description will provide the best chance of the Life team re-creating the issue and therefore correctly diagnosing it.
  • Any relevant screenshots of the issue (for example, any error pages.)