Controlling members' permissions

Accessing and editing members' permissions

Only admin members can perform this task.

You can control each individual team member's editing permissions. This applies whether they are a user, organisation or a group.

1. Click the Members panel on the project, programme, etc. that you are setting their permissions on. The current members will then be displayed .

2. Click the member you would like to edit.

3. Member's access permissions are displayed under each of their names as either 'Admin, Edit, or View', or any combination of these options.

  • 'View' - Members with view access can view all data on the project
  • 'Edit' - Members with edit access can edit all data on the project with the exception of being able to delete an entire chart. 
  • 'Admin' - Members with admin access can edit all data on the project, including managing members

4. Edit the permissions and click save.