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Setting up and managing subscriptions

Track, check your licences and subscriptions.

In order to use Life QI your organisation will either have its own subscription or be part of a wider subscription to the platform. If you have been given the option to manage your organisation's subscription, here are a few things you might want to take a look at:

You can find your subscription in the Subscriptions area, within Admin.

Tracking how many licences have been allocated

When you open your subscription you will see counts of how many licences you have in total, how many have been assigned, how many remain available and how many days left remaining on your subscription. This gives you at a glance a picture of how well used your subscription and user licences are, providing you the information needed to forecast when more licences might be needed, or whether you have enough left to start that new project with a new team that need accounts.

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 12.57.36

You can break down user licenses by their last login time frame:

  • Active = Last logged in within 90 days
  • Infrequent = Last logged in between 90 > 365 days
  • Inactive = Last logged in over 365 days ago

These filters can be found in the Users section of the subscription

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 13.05.48

Checking who has been assigned your licences

In the Users section of the subscription you will see a list containing the names, email addresses and licence IDs for each assigned licence. This gives you visibility of exactly who has been assigned one of the user licences from your subscription.

Clicking on a user's name in the licence list will take you through to their user record, from where the licence can be revoked if necessary.

Setting up sub-subscriptions to manage smaller bundles of user licences

The 'Linked Subscriptions' section of your subscription allows you to setup sub-subscriptions and assign licences from your subscription down to the sub-level. This is useful if you are providing licences to another organisation as you can ring-fence a specific number of licences and provide them control over who they assign the licences to.

To setup another organisation with the rights to manage the sub-subscription and assign user licences, add the organisation and/or key users as members of the sub-subscription. We would recommend adding the organisation rather than a specific user(s), as the organisation may have multiple admin users who need the ability to assign licences and new admin users may be added in the future that you aren't aware of.