Bandwidth considerations

When you expect there to be a spike in usage on Life QI due to large group sessions, such as training, performance can be affected if you do not have sufficient available bandwidth.

Things to consider when calculating required bandwidth:

  • The number of Users
  • Allotted session time
  • The depth of interaction with Life QI

The more traffic (Users) there is on a shared network, the more important it is to consider the total available bandwidth. The less bandwidth available during large group sessions means that loading speeds are reduced because of the amount of traffic on the shared network. 

As more concurrent interaction increases with a website on a shared network, the data flow also increases. Therefore loading times may be more or less of a concern depending on how much website interaction is taking place by the group as a whole at any given time. So if you have a very interactive session with Life QI with a limited allotted session time, you will want the most optimal total bandwidth available for the fastest loading times. 

Life QI (v2) has an approximate un-cached average of 2Mb per page vs an approximate cached average of 130Kb per page. 

To mitigate slower loading times, we can calculate how much bandwidth is required for any group size using the following formula:

(Application Throughput) x (Number of concurrent Users) = Aggregate Application Throughput

Examples (cached vs un-cached)


  • 10 Users = 130Kb x 10 = 1.3Mbps
  • 25 Users = 130 Kb x 25 =  3.25Mbps
  • 50 Users = 130Kb x 50 = 6.5Mbps
  • 100 Users = 130Kb x 100 = 13Mbps


  • 10 Users = 2Mb x 10 = 20Mbps
  • 25 Users = 2Mb x 25 = 50Mbps
  • 50 Users = 2Mb x 50 = 100Mbps
  • 100 Users = 2Mb x 100 = 200Mbps

You can see the vast difference in required throughput for cached and un-cached group session use-cases. Generally speaking, cached user's devices would have accessed Life QI previously, whereas un-cached user's device wouldn't have. 

If you are unsure or if there is a mixture of first time and experienced Users within the group, we would recommend going by 2Mbps minimum per user.


Common Internet access technologies

This table shows the maximum bandwidth of common Internet access technologies:

( Source - Wikipedia - )


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