What is a 'Personal' project?

A personal project is your 'sandbox' in Life QI. You can create projects, programmes and various other records that are private.


Personal projects are not visible to any other users, ever. You cannot share a personal project, nor can other users request to join personal projects. They are only visible to you.

Creating a personal project

Signup/ New users

When you first signup to Life QI, most of the time you will be locked to personal mode. This means you can only create personal projects. This is because you will be waiting for verification from your organisation to join. 

While you are waiting for verification, you will not be able to see or join any other projects. If you create a project at this time, don't worry as you will be able to convert it and invite members when you are verified.

Converting personal projects

When you are verified, you can choose to convert your personal project and invite other users as normal. You can do this at any time.

Converting personal work