Deleting a project

Sometimes projects are no longer needed and its useful to be able to delete them rather than just mark them as complete or cancelled. This is especially useful if a duplicate project is created by mistake or a test project is no longer needed.

You can delete your project by clicking on the Actions button and selecting delete from the projects General page.

Depending on your admin permissions there are three scenarios for how a project will then be deleted:

  • When you are an Admin user for the lead organisation of the project – you will be able to delete the project yourself
  • When you are not an Admin user for the lead organisation of the project – an email will be sent to the Admin user(s) of the lead organisation asking them to confirm deletion
  • Where there is no lead organisation on the project – the request for deletion will be sent to the Life QI team to sort

Once you delete your project it will no longer show against your profile or be linked to your organisation anymore. So think before you delete!


Deleting a project


Deleting a project

1. Click the project that you would like to delete.

2. Click Actions.

3. Click Delete.

4. Click Confirm and delete.