Understanding Life QI’s API

Increase efficiency and automation using Life QI's Application Programming Interface (API)

Application Programming Interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to one another. In the case of Life QI, the API provides an automated mechanism to get data (e.g. measures) into Life QI from other locations, or to get data from Life QI. The API allows for increased efficiency through automation.

Common Applications

Although there are many possibilities, there are two principle applications of Life QI’s API:

  • SCENARIO 1: You already have a data store for your quality measures. In this case the API is used to copy data from your data source, into defined data tables in Life QI so that you can utilise the charting capabilities of Life QI. This can reduce the administrative burden on data entry by reducing duplication of effort.
  • SCENARIO 2: You have dashboards that you wish to populate with data from Life QI. In this case the API is used to get aggregated data (e.g. number of projects) from Life QI to other applications. This might be used to integrate these data types with others in an environment such as Microsoft Power BI, or Tableau.

Getting Started with Life QI’s API

Access to the Life QI API requires an API key to be generated on your subscription. Contact your account representative to get your API key setup.

To support your developers/IT team in the application of the Life QI, our Developer Area contains examples and templates which can be adapted and applied.

All Life QI APIs are built using REST conventions and designed to have a predictable URL structure. They use standard HTTP features, including methods (POST, GET, PUT, DELETE) and error response codes. All Life QI API responses return JSON.


What does it cost?

Access to Life QI API, and support in its application, is included in the cost of an Enterprise subscription. For Standard or Professional customers, please speak with your account representative.

We have an EHR/EMR – can we use the API to connect that?

Yes. Providing you store, or can store, the measurement data in an anonymised (no patient identifiable data) format suitable for inclusion in a Life QI data table, you can use the Life QI API to copy data from your EHR/EMR to Life QI.

Who is responsible for setting up the API?

We provide you a unique API key, and guidance on setting up the API. Your IT team will be responsible to using the Life QI API and applying it for your requirements.