Creating your account

Every user on Life QI needs an account to be part of the Life QI community - You can create an account from an invite that you may have received from a colleague or you can sign yourself up.

Signing yourself up (you haven't received an invite email)

If you haven't received an email from Life QI inviting you to sign-up, you can sign yourself up easily. Follow these steps to get going.

  1. Head over to the sign-up page and click 'Don't have an account yet'

Follow the steps to complete your information (note that you will need access to your email during this process)


Creating your account-2


  1. Take care selecting your organisation as your sign-up request will be routed to administrators for the organisation to verify you work there
  2. Ensure you carefully review the Terms of Use and take particular note that you should not enter patient identifiable information in Life QI
  3. Click 'Accept and login'
  4. Note that depending on your organisation settings you may remain 'Pending Verification' until your organisation's administrators have had a chance to review your account - they will have received notification to review immediately when you clicked 'Accept and login'

Ready to sign up? Click here to head straight over to login page and click 'Don't have an account'.