Linking a Project template to a Collaborative

Once you have created your project template – follow these steps to link your template to the Collaborative that you are running.

  1. Navigate to your Programme General page
  2. Click on ‘Link+’ on the Projects area
  3. Click on ‘Link a Template’ and Search for the name of the template that you have just created
  4. Once identified, click on ‘Next’ then select the Driver Diagram that you want to Project teams to inherit, Click ‘Next’
  5. If you have any documentation (files etc) stored at the Programme level that you want each team to have on their own project, select them here
  6. Select any top-level Programmes measures (if any) that you want assigned to the Project teams, Click on ‘Next’
  7. Select the measures that you have created on the Project template that you want the Project teams to measure
  8. To finish the linking – click on ‘Add template’


Your project template is now linked to the Collaborative/ Programme and ready to be assigned to teams.