Creating a Measure

Create a new measure and select your chart type

Watch the tutorial video or follow the step-by-step instructions below:


You can clearly list all of your project's Measures under the 'Measures & Charts' menu option. To add a new Measure:

  1. Click the 'New Measure +' button.
  2. Give your Measure a title (mandatory field).
  3. Select the type of measure - process, balance, or outcome(mandatory field).
  4. Enter the operational definition.
  5. Outline the data collection plan.
  6. Pick the relevant chart type for the Measure. If you need help choosing the chart type click on the 'need help choosing a chart type' prompt and the chart selection wizard will appear.
  7. Select the data collection frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, custom/unknown, custom (no date)).
  8. Select which drivers (Aim, Primary, Secondary) the Measure should be linked to, read more.
  9. Click the 'Create Measure' button.