Measures at the Programme level

The benefits of using the Programme/ Collaborative set up and the use of a Project template, allows easy aggregation of data across all of the teams that are working on the same measurement strategy.



You can see all of the project charts and the aggregate chart on the ‘Measures and Charts’ section on the Programme General Page. Select the specific measure that you are interested in and you will see the project level charts that are associated with the measures.

This gives a great overview of all the data that is being collected, but there is an additional way to export the data into a CSV from the programme – please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Measures and Charts’ area on the Programme
  2. Click on ‘Actions’
  3. Click on ‘Export project measure data’
  4. Once downloaded – this will be a CSV file where the data can be further manipulated/ filtered