Creating a new project

Start a new project and set user permissions

Interested in a more in-depth tutorial, check out the 'Create a new project' webinar here.

Click 'Projects'.

Click on the 'Start a new project' button.

Starting a new project

1. A 'New Projects' pop up will appear. This is the first page of every project on Life QI. It contains all necessary details you need to begin your quality improvement project.

2. Select a relevant workflow if required

3. Give your project a clear title so other members of Life QI can find it with ease. This is the only mandatory field - additional fields can be completed / edited at a later date if necessary.

4. In the 'What are you trying to accomplish' section, fill out the Rationale and Aim fields. Note: The aim will be used when you begin populating your Driver Diagram.

5. In the 'Who's on the project team?' you can invite users, organisations and groups to your project, click on 'Invite new members'. A pop up will appear, you can then click the search box and type the name of the user, Organisation or Group that you would like to add. Once identified, click their name.

6. In the popup window select the users role and permissions then click the Add button. The popup will then close and the invited user will display in the members area as ready to invite.

7. Next select the Privacy setting. The privacy setting only controls who can see it not who can edit it. To allow people to edit, you need to invite them to be a member of the project and grant them 'edit' permissions.

  • 'Everyone can view' - Allows everyone on Life QI to view your project
  • 'Only members can view' - Only members listed on your project are able to view it

8. In the next section of the form you can link a priority. Click the Link a priority button+ The project aligns with (the list available, will be depend on the organisations and groups you have added in the members section above). Once you have selected the priorities, you can add any tags which will help with categorising and searching for your project.

9. Next, fill out the dates and location of the project.

Once the information is completed click 'Create project'. Your project is now saved and setup ready to go! Any members that you have added will be sent an invite email and notification. Once they have accepted the invite you will be notified via email and in the notifications area.

TUTORIAL: Interested in a more in-depth tutorial, check out the 'Create a new project' webinar here.