Email Templates

We want to make sure your organisation is as excited about Life QI as you are. So we are here to give you some tips on how to promote Life QI within your organisation.

  • 1st Email - Direct email from your organisation/administrator to the new users:

Email Subject: Life QI is Coming!

Hi xxx

We are excited to announce that we have recently adopted a new QI platform called Life QI. This is a Quality Improvement software specifically designed for the healthcare sector. We will be rolling out the platform shortly allowing all our users to record their QI projects and data all in one place.

Why are we moving to Life QI? We know over the years people have had to work tirelessly using adhoc applications to record their QI project data (Excel, PPT, Word etc.). We want to step up and help streamline the workload by having everything in one place! Life QI allows us all to collaborative with each other more effectively, store data more efficiently and access all information remotely!

If you have any questions in the meantime, please get in touch! Alternatively you can read up on Life QI by heading over to the website:

We will be back in touch soon with more detail about the platform and what date you can expect to starting using it.

  • 2nd Email - Direct email from your organisation/administrator to the new users:

Email Subject: Life QI Update!

Hi xxx

Following our last email we can confirm that Life QI (Quality Improvement Platform for Healthcare) will be launched on xxx. All users will receive a link directly from Life QI over the next few days asking you to sign up. Please do this at your earliest opportunity as we will need to verify your account, before you can access the platform.

We will be holding training sessions & webinars talk over the coming months to ensure everybody is up to speed on how to use it.

We can't wait for you to try it out! I am sure you will be as impressed with the system as we are.

  • 3rd Email - Automated bulk invite from the Life QI System to new users:

Email Subject: New invite in Life QI

Hi xxx,

XXX has invited you to sign-up to Life QI.

As part of (Organisation) you are invited to join Life QI – the web platform for health and social care QI. Click the link below to complete your sign up. It’s free for you and colleagues to use, so encourage them to sign up too (!

We need you to confirm this is the correct email address. Please head over to Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

All the best, Life QI team