Promoting Life QI on your website or Intranet

Promoting Life QI using our marketing tools

To give Life QI maximum exposure within your organisation we have a number of marketing tools in our toolbox to help you to spread the word!

If you have an Intranet with a dedicated QI page and would like to promote Life QI on there, then you have access to the following image. Ask your IT department to link up the 'contact us', 'Sign up' and 'Login' links:


If you require a Skyscraper or Banner image for your intranet page please contact our Marketing department.

Life QI Intro Paragraph for your Intranet:

Life QI is a web software platform built to support and manage quality improvement work in health and social care. It makes it easy for teams to run QI projects and organisations to report on QI activity. Its everything you need to run your project in one place!

Used by over 750 organisations in 28 countries, Life QI is helping organisations and individuals improve health and social care in communities around the world. It has been designed to help your organisation learn, share and improve - faster.

It's a platform that enables frontline staff to easily run improvement projects, allows central QI teams to coordinate the portfolio of work and provides senior execs the targeted information they need to make crucial decisions. Life QI brings people and projects together.

For more information check out the Life QI website:

Follow Life QI on Twitter: @LifeQIsystem