Restricted Access

When you don't have a user licence linked to your user account you will have restricted access to Life QI.

Restricted Access users can utilise the much of the same functionality within Life QI as full access users, e.g. create projects, build driver diagrams, populate SPC charts. The primary difference is Restricted Access users do not have the ability to see other users’ work or share their projects with their organisation and colleagues. Nor can they access the People or Organisations modules.

Restricted Access users can only create personal work (e.g. personal projects/programmes). Personal work is not visible to any other users. You cannot share a personal project, nor can other users request to join personal projects. They are only visible to you.


Reasons for having restricted access

There are a number of reasons you may find yourself with restricted access, these include:

  1. Your user licence hasn't be assigned yet (normally done by your Admin user when they verify your new user account).
  2. Your user licence has been revoked (can happen when you leave an organisation, or when one of your Admin users determines you no longer require a licence).
  3. Your organisation's subscription is oversubscribed (i.e. there are no available licences left).
  4. Your organisation's subscription has expired.
  5. Your trial has expired.


Gaining full access

To gain full access to Life QI you need to have a valid user licence assigned to your user account.

If your organisation has a current subscription, one of your Admin users will need to assign you a licence. This may require them to purchase additional licences if all existing licences have been assigned.

If you are in restricted access mode because your trial or subscription has expired you will need to contact our sales team to discuss taking out a new subscription. You can reach them by email on or by phone on +44 (0) 203 966 6967.


What happens if you go from full access to restricted access?

These users will still be able to access Life QI, but they will not have access to organisational information (such as other projects taking place within the organisation), nor will they be able to share their projects with colleagues. Any projects they had previously been part of will remain on Life QI and linked to their organisation, but the restricted access user will no longer have access to them. They will only have access to any personal work they create.