Tailored Reporting and Analytics

So you've got all your improvement project running in Life QI and you've organised/categorised them according to your organisation's structure, but now you need to report on all these projects in a way that meets the organisation's needs.

In addition to the standard pre-defined reporting and analytics capability in Life QI, you can tailor report and analytics dashboards to meet your organisation's needs.


Reports are based on pre-defined report templates which are made available to users. Some templates are available to all users, and some will have been created by Admin users at your organisation which they may have chosen to share with you.

Reports can be targeted at individual projects or programmes, or to report on multiple at items like a list of projects.

Reports are run from the area of the platform to which they relate (e.g. project General page, or the Projects list page) and are then saved and accessed from the Reports area.

Find out more about reporting and how your organisation can tailor it to your needs here


Celebrate the successes and identify areas requiring a helping hand using powerful analytics that aggregate data from across your QI portfolio, giving you everything you need at your fingertips.

With its colours, graphs, and new imagery, the Analytics dashboards provide clear and visual displays of activity across your users, projects, programmes, organisations and much more.

Analytics dashboards are used to provide a snapshot of key metrics drawn from your QI data. The dashboards, populated with counts and charts, allow you to gather and analyse key metrics to help understand the level and impact of improvement work taking place across your organisation.

Every user and every organisation has a pre-defined dashboard available in the Analytics module.

Admin users can create custom dashboards for your organisation, groups (e.g. departments) and programmes.

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