Linking a measure to a Driver Diagram

Link a measure to single or multiple Driver's

You can link a measure to either a single or multiple drivers on your Driver Diagram.

  1. Either create a new measure or open an existing one.
  2. Click the Plan tab
  3. Click Edit details
  4. Click Link a driver + button
  5. Click Aim from the pop up, select the type of driver that you want to link too (Aim, Primary Driver, or Secondary Driver).
  6. Choose the specific driver you want in the adjacent field that appears.
  7. Click on the '+' icon.
  8. Click the 'Save' button.

Linking a measure to a driver

You can see from the driver diagram how many measures (if any) each driver is linked to at a glance.

Linked driver measure

If you want to see which specific measures a driver is linked to:

  1. Click on 'Individual Driver' and linked measures will be displayed on the pop up
  2. Click 'Close' button to exit