Categorising Projects

With so much improvement work taking place across your organisation, or across the organisations you are working with, its crucial you can easily categorise projects so they can be tracked and reported appropriately.

To help you with this we have a video showing different ways Life QI can be used to categorise your Quality Improvement work and have also listed out a few of the techniques you might want to adopt …

Linking projects to organisation/group priorities

By listing your organisations priorities (i.e. strategic objectives) on your organisation's profile, and/or listing you department's priorities on the department's group profile, you can link projects to those priorities. The Analytics functionality can then be used to identify metrics like how many projects are linked to organisation/department priorities, and how many projects are linked to each priority.

Find out how to list your priorities on Life QI here.

Tag projects to help with searching

You can add tags (keywords) to projects, on the General page.

Adding tags to your project helps to categorise it so you and others can search for it. It also makes reporting on projects with specific tags possible.

Tags can then be used when searching the list of projects so you can identify, for example all the projects within your organisation with the tag 'sepsis'.

You can add the tags you are looking for when searching the projects list to the filters available at the top of the list. Read more about setting filters on lists here.

Find out how to add tags to your project here.

Project naming conventions

When rolling out Life QI in your organisation, or on your cross-organisation programme it is worth considering if you want to adopt a naming convention for your projects. This may be especially helpful if you have projects on different themes/workstreams taking place within a single department or as part of a multi-organisation programme. This will make searching for and identifying the projects easier.