Setup information you'll need

The information you'll need to get your organisation setup in Life QI

To keep your improvement work organised and ensure it meets your reporting requirements, we recommend setting up your organisational structure and categories for organising your work from the outset. Together these elements will provide the basis of how you focus your reporting. Learn more about how this information is used to organise and categorise your work. 

This short guide outlines the information needed to complete this aspect of your setup. 

Organisation structure

What elements of your organisational structure should your improvement work be linked to?

You can include multiple levels of your structure (e.g. Divisions and Departments); we would recommend not more than 3 levels.

You will need to identify the name of each level (e.g. Divisions, Departments) and the names of the elements at each level (i.e. a list of all Divisions and Departments). You will also need to identify which Division each Department sits within so the correct linkage can be made between each level in your hierarchy.

Each of the elements will be setup as a Group on Life QI. If you have multiple levels you will have Groups linked to Groups.

Find out how to setup a group here.

Categorisation of projects

How do you want to categorise your improvement work?

Categorisation is used for reporting purposes so typically your categories will be important factors used in analysing your improvement portfolio.

Examples might include: Priorities or strategic objectives, project types, level of service user involvement.

Find out how to list your priorities on Life QI here.

Find out how to add tags to your project here.