User sign up process

The sign up to Life QI has two options, self sign up or invited from Life QI

There are two options for signing up new users:

  1. Self sign up
  2. Invited from Life QI

Self sign up

Please direct anyone who needs an account to and ask them to click the 'Don't have an account?' near the bottom of the page. This will take them to the relevant sign up page which will ask for their email address and then guide them through the sign up process.

Invited from Life QI

You can invite new users to sign up by sending out an invite direct from Life QI. This can either be done as a 'bulk sign up invite' (read how here), or as an individual invite to join a project, programme, discussion, group, or organisation. Invites from a project etc. are triggered from the members panel within the project (read how here).

How we handle security

Controlling user access to the platform is an important part of information security management. That is why a two-stage authentication process has been put in place to minimise the chances of unwanted users gaining access to the system.

Firstly, users have to demonstrate they control the email account they are signing up with.

Secondly, all users have their accounts manually verified by a local admin user, so you always know how if joining the platform on behalf of your organisation or an organisation you are working with.

Verifying Users

Once the user has entered their details, their local admin user(s) are notified by email that their account requires verification. When the admin user next logins in they will be able to verify the user account direct from their Start page, the relevant Organisation profile page, or on the Users page within the Admin area (only available to Administrators).

Read about verifying new user accounts.

When a users' account has been verified they will receive a confirmation email from Life QI saying their account has been setup and they can login.