Resourcing Life QI

Understand who you will need to make a success of Life QI

One of the first considerations when launching Life QI is to identify who should be involved and what's everyone's role will be. Identifying the right person for the right role is essential in ensuring a smooth rollout and continued utilisation of the platform.

Here we lay out the different roles and how they contribute to successful use ...

Key roles for successful use of Life QI


There will normally be one Sponsor for your use of Life QI, often a senior/executive member of staff.

The responsibilities of your Sponsor include:

  • Set the objectives around why you are using Life QI
  • Ensure Life QI is meeting the needs and objectives of the organisation
  • Unblock internal barriers to use
  • Ensure sufficient resource available to support ongoing use of Life QI
  • Attend quarterly meetings with Life QI staff to review success and set goals

Admin user

We recommend having at least two Admins, and generally not more than five. They typically work in the central improvement team and are already involved in coordinating improvement across the organisation/collaborative.

The responsibilities of your Admin users include:

  • Act as a central contact for your users
  • Coordinate the onboarding of new users
  • Verify new user accounts to allow staff into Life QI
  • Manage existing user accounts (revoke licences, update email addresses)
  • Monitor activity and usage across your user base.

Training needs and resources

Admin users can either join the Admin training session (45 minutes) provided during the initial implementation of Life QI or self-learn using the Admin Training Guide.

Guru user

Gurus act as 'super users', they have advanced knowledge of how your users should be using Life QI and will take on a coaching and training role for other staff wishing to use Life QI. Being a Guru will often be a natural extension of their existing QI responsibilities. For example, their day job may be a QI Coach, Improvement Advisor, QI Lead or QI Facilitator.

The responsibilities of your Gurus include:

  • Coordinate and run user training sessions
  • Provide 1-to-1 tutorials for new users or those looking to become advanced users
  • Encourage uptake and ongoing use of Life QI in support of the organisation's improvement objectives
  • Monitor use within their area of responsibility (e.g. a Division or Department)

Training needs and resources

Guru users can either join the Guru training session (45 minutes) provided during the initial implementation of Life QI or self-learn using the Guru Training Guide.

General user

Staff from anywhere in the organisation who get involved in an improvement initiative and use Life QI are your General users. Their job roles will vary significantly and the way they use Life QI can too. Typically they will either be involved in running an improvement project or monitoring multiple projects (e.g. Manager or Exec who uses Dashboards to review progress).

The responsibilities of your General users include:

  • Starting new projects and programmes
  • Engage in collaborative team work (e.g. contributing to discussion threads)
  • Keeping projects up to date with the latest plans, information and data
  • Meeting any reporting requirements
  • Monitoring Analytics dashboards to understand activity and impact of work their are involved in / responsible for

Training needs and resources

General users either tend to self-learn using the Getting Started for Users training guide or are trained by your Guru users as part of an internal training session.

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