Resourcing Life QI

Identifying the right person for the right role is essential

One of the first considerations when launching Life QI on behalf of your organisation is - "who should be involved and what's everyone's role".

Identifying the right person for the right role is essential in ensuring a smooth rollout and continued utilisation of the platform.

Organisation 'Key Roles':


  • Senior member/s of staff who will oversee the entire project progression
  • Unblock potential barriers and offer support to project leads
  • Agree & develop improvement priorities
  • Regular touch points with Project Leads (Monthly)
  • Scan the monthly Life QI reports
  • Chair/Attend monthly QI meeting

Project Leads:

  • Expertise in QI methods and tools
  • Lead the roll out of Life QI in your organisation
  • Provide user support when required
  • Updating sponsors on project progression (Monthly)
  • Encourage Increase communication with the team
  • Coordinate meetings and training courses
  • Accountable for project outcomes
  • Attend monthly QI meeting


  • Expertise in QI Methods
  • Teach and explain use of Life QI to new users through webinars, face-to-face meetings
  • Help to engage users and guide them through their QI journey
  • Continue to support current users
  • Update project leads on how sessions are going / any success or concerns
  • Attend monthly QI meeting

Roles defined at an Organisation Level on the Platform:


  • Managing the initial set up of Life QI alongside the project Leads, help with onboarding new users, coordinating launch activities and ongoing existing user management
  • Only Admin users have the ability to add, accept & remove members from the platform. This includes verifying new user accounts
  • Be part of the initial roll out team within your organisation
  • Navigate around the Life QI Platform to familiarise yourself with the functions & features
  • Comms around the launch of the system
  • Attend monthly catch up calls/webinars (if your organisation has requested)
  • Regularly visit the Life QI system (Everyday/Every other day) to verify new users, users will not be able to access the system until you have given them the green light
  • If you like regular updates, you can subscribe to the notifications on the platform and will be emailed every time a new user is awaiting verification
  • Be your organisations first port of call if they have any questions or queries on Life QI. You can of course send these on to our help desk if you are unsure of the answer
  • There are many articles in the Leaning Centre that you can refer to and refer users to

For large organisations we recommend that there are a few administrators to ensure that the projects aren't held up for any reason.


  • Deeper knowledge of improvement methods
  • Help engage people and teams in QI
  • Provide monthly updates on team progress to sponsor

Lead User

  • As a lead user, you will have the option to be able to view, edit and be the admin for your projects


  • Standard user default role when setting up a Project / Programme
  • Members will work with the lead user to facilitate, review and discuss the projects through the discussion board
  • Members can have different permissions (view, edit, admin) depending on the level of the rights given by the lead user or admin of the project

Improvement Advisor

  • Extra support on QI projects
  • Attend monthly QI round up meeting
  • Update on how users are progressing with their projects

Lead Organisation

  • Allocate your organisation as the Lead organisation on all Project & Programmes

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