Getting started for organisations

Welcome to Life QI!

Used by over 1,200 organisations in 30 countries, Life QI is helping organisations and individuals improve health and social care in communities around the world.

It has been designed to help your organisation learn, share and improve - faster. Whether your organisation is new to Life QI and just getting started or an avid user looking to get more from the platform, this implementation guide is here to help you along your Life QI journey.

Introducing a new platform to a large group within your company is no easy task, so we have created a guide to help you through the process.

We have a series of helpful articles designed to make sure you are setup ready to get the most from Life QI.

Organisation setup

Resourcing considerations - Who is resourcing Life QI?

  • Roles you will need to allocate to manage the platform
  • Activities you will need to do on a regular basis to get the most out of the platform
  • Check out the Roles you will need article.

Categorising, tracking and reporting on projects

  • Ensuring you are using tags, groups, priorities, naming conventions on the platform to help users search and identify projects/groups etc. quickly
  • Check out the organising and categorising articles.

Tracking and Reporting

  • Notifications - There are a number of notification options on Life QI to ensure admins/users are kept up to date. For example, an organisation admin gets an email notification each time a new project is started which helps you keep track of what projects are being starting and when
  • Project level reporting - Standard reporting and tailored reporting is available, allowing admins to run monthly reports to send onto the Lead Users and Sponsor of the organisation, giving them an overview of the QI project activity
  • Organisation level reporting - This can be across the organisation or done at a department/division/directorate/service level
  • Check out the Tailored Reporting & Analytics article.

Promoting Life QI within your organisation

  • There are a number of Introduction email messages that we advise you send out as part of the Life QI roll out. This is to ensure all new users are aware that the platform is coming and that they should expect to receive further communication from Life QI
  • Check out the Promoting Life QI through your QI Intranet! article.
  • To create a buzz around Life QI in your organisation we suggest you add some information about the platform on your intranet and in your newsletter
  • Check out the Intranet and Newsletter article
  • Check out the Event Flyer article
  • 'Train the Trainer' webinars are available

Onboarding users

  • There are a number of ways in which you can on board new users. If it is just a couple of users this can be done through a project, organisation or group. Alternatively if you have a large number of new users then you can send a bulk invite to save time
  • Checkout the Onboarding Users article.

Information governance considerations