Getting Started for users

We want ensure that you begin your quality improvement journey with the support and tools that you need to run a successful QI project.


Life QI has been designed to support and encourage collaboration and team working, whether that's within your team, across your organisation, or across your national improvement community.

In this section, we will guide you through the key tasks that you should start with to help orientate you and your colleagues around the platform.

The main focus will be setting up your project, inviting your team to join your project and populating your project.

Things to do first


Before creating your QI project, did you know you can search the platform for projects in your organisation, or QI projects with a certain search term?

This article here will guide you how to do this.

As well as searching for other projects, you can also request to join projects that you are not yet a member of. Find out how to request to join a project and support others with their QI project.


Creating your project

Projects are the heart of Life QI. To support you in creating your project, we have step by step guides to help you through the process:

  1. Creating a new Project
  2. Inviting your team to a project
  3. Setting team members roles
  4. Controlling who can see your project


Managing your project

Once your project has been created, as the project lead, it is your responsibility to work with your team to keep your project kept up to date and meet any reporting requirements that are set by either yourself or your organisation.

The below articles will provide an overview of how to complete these tasks:

  1. Updating the project progress score
  2. Building a driver diagram
  3. Creating measures
  4. Creating PDSA cycles
  5. Changing your team members permissions
  6. Adding documents to your project
  7. Running a report on your project
  8. Removing a member from your project
  9. Using your project noticeboard
  10. Deleting a project


If your QI projects are part of a wider organisational/regional, or national initiative - did you know that Life QI can enable you to link multiple project together under one over-arching programme? 

To find out more about this feature and how to create a programme, take a look at this page here that will provide you all the information that you will need to set up your programme.